Welcome to Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Thanking you for choosing Sri Lanka as your dreams destinations. You are warmly welcome to Sri Lanka-the Resplendent Isle-where you could have a wonderful vacation without doubt. The stunning natural beauty of this paradise in the tropics will undoubtedly make you amazed and mesmerized.

Lying off the southern trip of India, the tropical island of Sri Lanka has attached visitors for centuries with its natural beauty. Sri Lanka was the ideal stopover of ancient seafarers sailing across the Indian Ocean to the orient. Marco Polo, a great seafarer, who arrived in Sri Lanka in 1265, said “Sri Lanka is the finest island of its size in all the world”. Pliny (45 AD), one of the greatest Roman historians wrote: It had been of long time thought by men in ancient days that Taprobane (Sri Lanka) was a second world”.

A glorious history, a rich culture, age-old ruins, the world’s most hospitable people, a rich biodiversity, endless tropical beaches, breathtanking coral reefs, verdant valleys of tea plantations, lush virgin rain forests, ranges of mist-clad mountains, splashing waterfalls, oodles of proboscideans in the wild, pods of giants in the blue, priceless gemstones beneath, mouthwatering spicy foods, delicious tropical fruits and what more to call Sri Lanka “A Land Like No Other”. Home to eight world heritage sites, Sri Lanka though a small island, has much more to offer. In terms of diversity, Sri Lanka is incomparable and unbeatable. The tropical paradise is blessed with varied landscapes, flora – algae to blackwood and so on.

Lying between 5o and 10o north latitudes resulting in an average temperature hovering around 27 oC, Sri Lanka is quite a year-round tropical destination when it’s rainy in the East, it is sunny in the West and vice versa. The climate is normally bright, sunny and warm and the country receives monsoonal rains the southwestern monsoons from May to July to the West and the northeastern monsoons from December to January to the East.

Explore serendipitous Sri Lanka at its finest and enjoy your holiday at its best. Have a wonder full holiday…!

(By Sisira Kumara – SLT Rainbow Pages Tourist Directory 2015/16)

The National Flag

The National Flag symbolizes:-

  • The Lion: the Sinhala race and the strength of the nation.
  • The sward in the lion’s hand: the sovereignty of the country.
  • Curly hair of the lion’s head: religious observance, wisdom and meditation.
  • The board of lion: purity of words.
  • The handle of the sward: the element of water, fire, air and earth that the country is made with.
  • The nose of the lion: intelligence.
  • The two front paws of the lion: purity in handling wealth.
  • The orange vertical stripe: the Tamil minority race.
  • The green vertical stripe: the Muslim minority race.
  • The Bo leaves at the four corners: Buddhism and its influence on the nation, and the four virtues of Buddhism: Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Altruistic Joy, and Equanimity.
  • The yellow border round the flag: order minority race.
  • The maroon colored portion of the flag: the minor religions.

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